Justori Business


How to Administer JusBiz and JusBiz Plus


  • Select the Plan and Register for the free trial;
  • Verify your authorized signatory and admin email address to enter Member area;
  • Go through the instructions under the Overview Section of the Justori Business Admin Panel;
  • Generate the general embedded code(s) for Reviews and general justories (JusBiz Plus clients only).


  • Modify your HTML page to insert the embedded code(s) at the desired place on your website;
  • JusBiz Plus clients to create containers in their website admin panel to place embedded codes for individual justories produced by you;
  • Set up internal designated users and assign rights;
  • JusBiz Plus clients to download Justori from Appstore on their mobile devices to produce and manage justories.


  • From the Justori Business admin panel designated users to monitor, manage and approve reviews by your clients to appear on website;
  • Designated users to download queries and requests to attend to;
  • JusBiz Plus clients to produce and publish justories;
  • From Justori Business admin panel, generate individual story codes and copy/paste at your website admin panel.
1. What is an embedded code?

Embedded code is a line of code used to insert contents from another source to your webpage. Here the embedded codes will display justories produced by you or reviews relating to your services published by your clients. These contents will be hosted by www.justori.com.

2. Who will modify our HTML page to insert the embedded code(s)?

Your website administrator or developer. He/she will have to make a few minor adjustments on your website to accommodate this new feature which may be a rectangle frame or simply an icon.

3. How will we get reviews, queries and requests?

Your clients may use Justori or its lighter version Justell to record and send their reviews, queries or requests. One may download on mobile device either of the two for universal usage or use the web version of Justell.

4. Will general public have access to queries or requests made to us?

No. These will be downloaded from the Justori Business admin panel by your designated users to follow-up. Once downloaded, the data will be deleted from the Justori Business admin panel as well. However, the designated user will be able to record the status of his/her action for the request/queries received for internal monitoring purposes.

5. Will all reviews be published on our website?

Only those reviews approved by you will be accessible from your website.

6. How will we publish our marketing campaigns or other Justories?

As JusBiz Plus client, you will create all your publications using Justori in the usual manner. As you publish them, visitors to your website will be able to listen to your Justories automatically from the general Justories embedded library placed on your website. Also if required, your Web Administrator will be able to generate embedded audio-player for each of your Justories from the admin panel. These can then be placed in the corresponding containers of your website admin panel for them to appear at the appropriate place on your website for listening.

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